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Inside the AGORA x CANVAS Pop Up

AGORA x CANVAS Pop Up took place on the 16th May at The Agora Hotel in Lefkara, Cyprus, becoming a special and meaningful experience where we gathered together to celebrate art, look within and share. During the interactive exhibition, featuring a series of paintings and photographs by two talented artists: Mette Greftegreff and Daria Makurina,...

May 23, 2023

AGORA x CANVAS Pop Up. Join Us on 16th May!

CANVAS is  thrilled to be doing a pop up together with The Agora Hotel, presenting a series of works by Mette Greftegreff and Daria Makurina, exploring femininity, self expression and sensuality. Join us on 16th May at The Agora Hotel in Lefkara, Cyprus to celebrate talent, opinion and creativity! We will host a journalling workshop,...

May 10, 2023
post Art, Culture, Opinion

How do brands create new experiences and drive emotions through art?

While fine art and corporate businesses might seem like two worlds that are separated by a concrete wall, the synergies have been becoming more and more prominent over the last few years. With the raise of the experiential economy, people are no longer satisfied with buying a product or a service… Instead of materialistic attributes...

March 29, 2023
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Why Do Brands Integrate Art?

While seeing Chanel being wrapped up in dreamy clouds with the use of AI or Andrés Reisinger going viral with the dreamy pink city take overs, I caught myself referencing the impressive take overs by Christo and thinking about the transformation and the impact that art collaborations have on brands, institutions and in some cases...

February 27, 2023

Inside the CANVAS x The Melting Pot Art Week

CANVAS x The Melting Pot ART Week took place in Limassol, Cyprus between 8th and 15th of February. It was the first event that was done in a pop up format, where instead of doing a traditional exhibition we did a series of interactive shows in a space that allowed for a unique experience and...

February 22, 2023