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About Us

Who We Are

CANVAS is a new age digital art platform and agency that brings emerging artists and art-led projects to engaged audiences, private collectors, corporate clients, brands and institutions around the world.

We think about art in a new way and create an engaging and inclusive environment where art-lovers can discover new names, immerse in experience and purchase the works that they love.


  • To discover the rare talents around the world and to support them on their way to building international recognition.
  • To create value for our private, public and corporate clients by curating meaningful collections and integrating art-led solutions into their activities.

What We Do

Together with professional curators we discover, select and represent the rare talents around the world who are on the way to become the
future stars. We meet every artist in person, see their works, learn their stories and bring their best pieces to the public.

We work with a team of professionals to offer meaningful selections, engaging pop up events and customised projects. We integrate art into corporate and brand activities to elevate our clients’ profiles, attract engaged audience, drive traffic, increase monetary value and share a powerful message.

Our Curators


  1. Listing international contemporary (and ultra-contemporary) artists on our e-com platform:
  2. Providing Agency services to a number of selected artists:
    • Working on customised projects that are in line with the career aspirations of each artist.
    • Overseeing commercial, organisational and marketing aspects of each project so that our artists can focus on creating.
    • Representing our talents at international art fairs.
    • Advising on personal branding, artistic concept, positioning and growing in the art market
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  • Advising on building and managing high value art collections
    • Assessing collections and creating a concept
    • Analysing value and growth potential of art collections and individual pieces
    • Attracting financing
    • Structuring purchase and sales transactions
    • Advising on art funds creation and management
    • Purchasing art works on behalf of the clients (including valuation and due diligence)
  • Providing décor solutions
  • Creating unique interactive installations, displays and public objects
  • Organising art-led pop ups, events and activations
  • Integrating art into product and packaging design
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