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  •  “Cloud Atlas – Cosmic Borscht”; SurFaceLab Art Gallery; May – June 2021; Moscow.
  • “Grounding” – Vinzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Finart Gallery; July-September 2020, Moscow.


  • “The world Of Art” – New Tretiakov gallery; 28 April – 15 May 2022; Moscow.
  • “Moscow. Sculpture. Jubilee” – Gallery on Kuznetskiy bridg; 14-24 April 2022; Moscow.
  • “Cosmoscow 2021” – ArtVisioner Gallery, stand Created in Moscow; September 2021; Moscow.
  • “Pollution solution for the future” – Dubrava – center,; 01-10 July; Mogilev, Belarus
  • “Artists of Buryatia” – National Museum named after Ts.S. Sampilov; September – November 2021; Ulan -Ude.
  • “Architects of the Towers of Babel” – ICC (Innovative Cultural Center, Kaluga); November – December 2021; Kaluga.
  • “Wow, fantastic!“ – Khodynka Gallery; March – May 2021; Moscow.
  • “Sculpture HERE“ – gallery “HERE on Taganka”; curator Andrey Bartenev; December 2020 – January 2021; Moscow.
  • Competition and exhibition of contemporary design of Russia, “DPI – All-Russian Design Museum” November 2020 – January 2021; Moscow.
  • “Workshop 2020 – Homo Communicans” Moscow International Biennale of Young Art (special program); MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art); October 2020; Moscow.
  • “Parallels” Moscow International Biennale of Young Art (parallel program); Finart Gallery, Vinzavod Center for Contemporary Art; October 2020; Moscow.
  • “Stones of Landscape”, Art Place KOMUNALKA; October 2020; Moscow.
  • “Kru-kri-noks“, gallery “HERE on Taganka”; curator Andrey Bartenev August – October 2020; Moscow.
  • “New Landscape”, Museum and Exhibition Complex of the L.N. Tolstoy PCiO; August 2020; Khimki, Moscow.
  • “Merry-go-Round 2“, gallery “HERE on Taganka”; curator Andrey Bartenev; December 2019 – February 2020.
  • “Green children of mime-po-po“, gallery “HERE on Taganka”; curator Andrey Bartenev May 2019; Moscow.
  • “Thread” (exhibition of MMOMA students with the support of MMOMA); December 2019; Moscow.
  • “Five Dimensions” sculpture exhibition of the State Tretyakov Gallery; August-October 2017; Moscow.
  • “Carousel“, gallery “HERE on Taganka”, curator Andrey Bartenev; August; 2016.
  • Gallery “Open Club”, exhibition of 2 authors sculpture and painting; July 2015; Moscow.
  • “Trace” together with sculptor Viktor Erdyneev at MDN (Moscow House of Nationalities); October 2015; Moscow.
  • “Art – Moscow” Central House of Artists (former Central House of Artists); 2013, 2015, 2016; Moscow.


  • State Tretyakov Gallery; work “Cloud”; since 2018; Moscow.
  • National Art Museum named after Ts.S. Sampilov; Land art object “Legends of Baikal” (project “Space Atlas”); since 2021; Ulan – Ude, Republic of Buryatia.
  • “Ruarts” (Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art and gallery); works of the “Space Atlas” series; since 2022; Moscow.
  • “FainArt” (gallery of contemporary art, resident of the Center for contemporary Art “Vinzavoda”); works of the 2020 series; Moscow.
  • “SurFaceLab Art”; Works of the “Space Atlas” series; since 2021; Moscow.
  • MMOMA – work on the commission.
  • Rosizo – work on the commission.


  • 2021 – International Art Fair “Cosmoscow“ (stand ”Created in Moscow” ); Moscow.
  • 2021- International Festival of Contemporary Art “Ever Art Weekend”: Finalist. Moscow.
  • 2021 – Shortlist of finalists of the All-Russian competition of art objects “Talking City 2:0”. Moscow.
  • 2020 – The VII Moscow International Biennale of Young Art (MMOMA venues and the Vinzavod Center for Contemporary Art). Moscow.
  • 2019 – 2020 – All-Russian contest “Invented and made in Russia”. Finalist. Moscow.
  • 2019 – International competition “Banality of evil”. Finalist. Berlin.
  • 2015, 2016, 2017 – International Art Salon of the Central House of Artists. Moscow.
  • 2013 – International Sculpture Competition at the Art Week exhibition at the M’ARS Center for Contemporary Art. First place. Moscow.

In 2021, Vasilisa launched the Space Atlas project. “Space Atlas is an international project of land art and public art objects. In 2021, the artist created 3 land art and 4 public art objects:

  • The public art object “Rainbow Solarium” was presented at the personal exhibition of the artist “Cloud Atlas – Space Borsch”. “SurFaceLab Art” Gallery. Moscow. May 2021.
  • The public art object “Hounds Dogs” was presented at the international festival of art objects “. Moscow, Tsaritsino Park of Culture and Recreation. July 2021.
  • Land art object “Polar Aurora”. The first stage of the creation of the object was realized at the international art residence “Polar Day”. Nickel. August 2021.
  • The public art object “Legends of Baikal” was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Buryatia and entered the collection of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Buryatia named after TS Sampilov. Buryatia, Ulan -Ude. September 2021.
  • The public art object “Music of Waves” was included in the shortlist of finalists of the All-Russian competition of art objects “Talking City 2:0”. December 2021.
  • The land art object “Breath of Baikal” was presented at the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Buryatia and is at the stage of working design.
  • The land art object “Sky-high Dreams” – a cloud with hammocks and swings is at the stage of working design.

The projects were carried out jointly with sculptor Viktor Erdyneev in the framework of the art production bureau “Erdyneev – Lipatova BUREAU” Together with her husband, artist and sculptor Viktor Erdyneev, since 2009, the artist has been managing the sculpture art workshop and the art production bureau “Erdyneev – Lipatova BUREAU”. The workshop conducts a full cycle of projects “from sketch to installation”, specializes in projects in the field of contemporary art and bronze casting. Including the “BUREAU” designed and implemented the following objects:

  • 2021 – the Space Atlas project;
  • 2019 – 2020 – Sculptural composition “Code” for the Moscow Scientific Research Television Institute (steel);
  • 2019 – 2020 – A series of animalistic sculptures for a private customer.
  • 2019 – 2020 – Sculptural composition “Dream” based on the work of the poet A.S. Pushkin “Eugene Onegin” for the city of Shchelkovo, Moscow region (bronze, steel);
  • 2016 – 2018 – Sculpture composition “Gates: Procession” Sofrino-1 Moscow region (this project in May 2018 received 1st place in the international prize of the IPPO – Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society; bronze);
  • 2018 – 2020 – Bronze compositions with mosaic elements for the Church of St. Nicholas. Dmitry Donskoy and Evdokia Moskovskaya (Sofrino-1 Moscow region; bronze, smalt);
  • 2017 – Memorial composition for a private customer at the Troyekurovsky cemetery;
  • 2015 – A series of art objects of contemporary art for the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • 2013 – Sculpture composition “Steering wheel” for the park of culture and recreation “Fili”.


  • Stroganov Moscow State Pedagogical University, Department of MDS (Monumental and Decorative Sculpture) class of 2010
  • MMOMA “Free Workshops” (school of contemporary Art) 2019-2020.
  • Member of the Ministry of Agriculture (Moscow Union of Artists) since 2012.


  • Personal catalog of works – 2015. Circulation – 100 copies .
  • Vestnik magazine (Moscow House of Nationalities, article + works of various series) – 2015. Circulation …. copies.
  • GTG (State Tretyakov Gallery), catalog for the exhibition “The Fifth Dimension” 2017 (works from the series “Objects of the Cosmic Parallel”). Circulation ……copies.
  • Magazine “Popular Mechanics” (works from the series “MAAASDAAAM”) – January – February 2020. Circulation ……copies.
  • CabinetDelArt (article + works of different series), autumn 2020. Circulation ……copies.
  • Artists from Buryatia, catalog dedicated to the exhibition, in the Museum of Ts.S. Sampilov, 2021. Circulation ……copies.
  • Catalogues of the sculptor Viktor Erdyneev – the author of the texts. Circulation …… copies.


  • “Polar Day” – the city of Nickel, August 2021. The purpose of the residence is to create the Polar Aurora object from the Space Atlas project. Partially implemented (installation at the end of September 2021, opening in October 2021). His works are in private and museum collections in Russia and abroad.