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Spring Charity Campaign With 9 Lives Fund

CANVAS has joined forces with the 9 Lives Charity Fund
We present a curated selection of works that are available to purchase until the end of May. Part of the proceeds will go towards helping stray cats in Cyprus.

For a full catalogue email us on

“The Pampered Cat” by Anna Varella

“Gossip” by Anna Varella

“Summer Flowers” by Anna Varella

“The Baker” by Anna Varella

“The Confectionary” by Anna Varella

“A Bathing Lady and Her Cat” by Anna Varella

“Woman With A Cat” by Marios Varellas

“Woman I” by Marios Varellas

“Lady Drinking Wine” by Marios Varellas

“She Fell Asleep” by Marios Varellas

“The Soul Of The Sea” by Marios Varellas

“Lovers By The Sea” by Marios Varellas