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Inside the AGORA x CANVAS Pop Up

AGORA x CANVAS Pop Up took place on the 16th May at The Agora Hotel in Lefkara, Cyprus, becoming a special and meaningful experience where we gathered together to celebrate art, look within and share.

During the interactive exhibition, featuring a series of paintings and photographs by two talented artists: Mette Greftegreff and Daria Makurina, we deep dived into the subjects of self, femininity and expression.

It is the second time that CANVAS has presented the works of the talented rising star Daria Makurina in Cyprus.

Daria’s portraits look past conventional beauty to reveal a glimpse of the inner world, uniqueness, strength and self-acceptance of each of the models, making the characters even more sincere, sensitive and attractive.

The exhibition quickly evolved into guests sharing their thoughts, getting to know know each other and wanting to find an answer to what femininity means to them.

A performance by Daria Makurina, curated by CANVAS and Emilie Green Novel, encouraged each guest to interact with the artist and to interpret the word femininity in their own way. This private experience was then followed by a workshop and a beautiful candle light dinner filled with creativity, ideas and good vibes.

We want to thank everyone who came and became part of this experience, and look forward to more immersive events!



P.s: Daria’s limited edition art photographs are available to purchase here.