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How do brands create new experiences and drive emotions through art?

While fine art and corporate businesses might seem like two worlds that are separated by a concrete wall, the synergies have been becoming more and more prominent over the last few years.
With the raise of the experiential economy, people are no longer satisfied with buying a product or a service… Instead of materialistic attributes they are looking for experiences that will make them feel, learn and remember. In the era of consumerism, where shopping can be done in just a few clicks, the real value is created when transformative emotions are generated.

That is one of the main reasons why brands are now competing with each other over creating exceptional moments that will expose their audiences to a wide range of feelings and thoughts.
Art is one of the main tools that companies use to deliver such memorable and one-of-a-kind experiences that have a potential of staying in our memory.
It is through interaction with art that people discover their feelings, the depths of the subconscious and different perspectives about the world, social matters and even about themselves.
The experience is fundamental in reaching out to consumers and building the loyalty that is so much desired in a highly saturated market.

What are the main ways in which brands and companies work with art?

– Collaborations – such as exclusive projects, capsule collections, product design
– Experiences – such as installations, activations, pop up events, exhibitions
– Content – such as film, editorials, campaigns, programmes

At CANVAS we bring talented emerging artists to work with companies and brands on unique art projects that are impactful, meaningful and memorable.
We make sure that we listen and understand the aspirations of each of our artists to then find the projects that are right for them and ultimately for the clients.
It is a creative process where we are in constant dialogue to make sure that we create a one-of-a-kind experience for our artists, companies and of course the audience,
By taking care of negotiations, commercial and marketing aspects we are allowing our talents to focus on the process of creation.

Look forward to sharing some of the exciting upcoming projects soon.




Images: Prada Mode Los Angeles, 2022