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Why Do Brands Integrate Art?

While seeing Chanel being wrapped up in dreamy clouds with the use of AI or Andrés Reisinger going viral with the dreamy pink city take overs, I caught myself referencing the impressive take overs by Christo and thinking about the transformation and the impact that art collaborations have on brands, institutions and in some cases countries.

Amsterdam take over by Andrés Reisinger

Reichstag take over by Christo

While rooting back to the Schparelli/ Dali era, the collaborations with artists are gaining new levels of popularity with the social media being permanently integrated into our lives and communication patterns changing towards a constant need of high-quality content.

By collaborating with contemporary artists, brands get an opportunity to add an emotional factor into their relationship with customers. Integration of art allows for pushing the boundaries and going beyond the standard formats of interacting with the audience. The unique brand presence is created. It channels creativity, coolness, authenticity and cultural engagement.

In the busy marketspace where mega brands compete with niche players for that extra market share, the artist collaborations act as a differentiator and helps to communicate the brand DNA in new ways, creating a greater sense of luxury, integrity and Instagram-worthy moments.

I do believe that art should not be confined to just gallery walls, it should be a life style, a way of channelling talent and ideas in an innovative way that will captivate the audience, make them think and remember.

Collaborating with brands give artist an opportunity to push themselves and create objects and installations that will take their skills to a new level, while to brands it is really an opportunity to tap into a creative stream and to build stronger bonds with the new type of customers, to send its message to the world and to strengthen its brand and commercial presence.

When I founded CANVAS, I wanted to build on my experiences of working for luxury brands for over a decade and to create a bridge between the corporate sector, artists and the audience.

We are now working with a number of talented international artists and professional curators on supporting brands and companies with integration of art through:

  • Doing limited edition collections co-designed with our artists
  • Creating scalable installations and art-objects
  • Doing pop ups and art events
  • Integrating digital art

I am very excited to be sharing some of the projects soon and creating fascinating experiences for our clients, audience and artists.