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CANVAS Founding Story

Living in London, being surrounded by creatives and inspired by all the ups and downs of the big city, I have developed a strong desire to support emerging talents on their way to becoming top level artists, getting their names known and their stories told.

Working for over 10 years for some of the biggest luxury companies, I saw a growing interest in the art sector, where brands, companies and institutions used events and collaborations with contemporary artists to elevate their image, strengthen their stories and appeal to a new type of clients.

Putting my desire and observations together, I created CANVAS – the new age art platform and agency that brings emerging artists and art-led projects to engaged audience, private collectors, corporate clients, brands and institutions.

I am so proud to have an amazing team of curators and professionals who help to select the rare talents around the world, to deliver engaging pop ups and to integrate art into corporate and brand activities, to generate value for our clients and our artists.

And of course I am so grateful to be building a community of art lovers with whom we can be together on this journey.


See you at our first CANVAS x The Melting Pot Pop Up!