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Frieze Fair

Frieze Fair is yet another art fair that explores digital this year, while announcing the Frieze Viewing Room it revealed a larger hybrid program of online and offline activity.

According to the organisers “Frieze Week programming both throughout London and online to include Frieze Sculpture, LIVE, Frieze Talks and major museum shows across the city. As a response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this new model combines the global online reach of Frieze Viewing Room with a commitment to the creative spirit of London.”

There is a wide range of activities that will be available to art lovers and industry professionals between 8th and 11th October. Frieze Sculpture in Regent’s Park London, Museum Shows, Live Talks and BBC Radio 3 debates are all lined up for the four days of the event. A clever combination of various spaces and omni channels will allow for a larger number of participants who might have different comfort levels to explore the latest news of the art world.

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