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Vladimir Basinsky

Vladimir Basinky studied to become an architect, however, he soon discovered a passion for art. At the age of 24 he started painting with oil, which he continued since.

In his youth Basinsky was not shy of experimenting, his controversial self-portrait of himself naked, inspired by the “Das Selbstportat als Akt” by Durer, has attracted a lot of attention from his peers and teachers.

Basinsky continues to paint and exhibit his art to a wider audience. “I can now afford working 18 hours a day, doing something that I always wanted. For me, there is no substance in isolated forms and techniques. Neither the connections of lines nor the monolithic figures are the simple means of expression – on the contrary, they constitute the very essence of art. A picture must contain a maximum degree of entertainment.”

“The picturesque painting style of Basinsky is very “musical”, but not in the sense of his artistic skills, but in the sense of a very special quality – the ability to constantly vary the theme, engaging himself in an internal competition with own self.”

– A.Lomonosov – art historian, senior lecturer at the LSPU

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