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French-Iranian painter, born in 1969 in Iran, brought up in Paris. Working from the beginning on primary colors, and geometrical abstraction. As the artist reveals the world from his inner perceptions, I have intuitively felt that geometrical shapes where the code source of frequencies, from which emanates the existing.

My intuition, is now confirmed by many scientist in mathematics, the “Shape power” theory released 6 years ago by Dan A. Davidson, was the first step in this new approach of the existing, by getting ahead of number and words to understand the universe. To simplify, any geometrical shape has a specific frequency, which agenced with other shapes, creates the infinity of existing matter, including biological, mineral and energy waves. Knowing that all is energy, with shape or expression modulating in accordance to its vibrations, we understand that we are geometrical structures.

The New York collection, composed of 11 multipanel paintings, is a perfect expression of the meaning, feeling, generated by shapes and colors, with modulating possibilities linked to the changes that can be allowed by the repositioning of each panel, according to the viewers perspective.

This beautiful collection is available to be sold to a collector, aware of its “Avant garde” feature.

This work has been sponsored by Moishe Mana, and has been only exposed once to a small public in 2014 in my studio at Mana contemporary in New Jersey, during the open doors of the place.