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Julia Valtanen

Julia Valtanen, was born in 1988. Graduated with a Master’s degree in graphic design (2011). She has lived in Tallinn, Estonia since 2016. Completed painting course in EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts), 2019-2020. Currently, Julia works at her studio at Ars-i maja (Art factory, located in Tallinn).

“I’ve always been interested in how everything is connected to each other, and how it affects and changes each other. In my works, often one form overflows into another. Images of human beings, plants, and animals as if they are just forming and ready to come into this world. I am trying to capture this moment of creation and the continued coexistence of all entities. I don’t make a qualitative distinction between the human and non-human gaze, I place them on the same surface, connecting them all in a network of mutual influence.”

“I love to read old legends and tales and to look at old books, the connection with ancient times always fascinates me. I like to study different mythologies of different nations. I find great inspiration in 20th-century philosophy, my friends and I have even formed a philosophy club where we discuss different books, so I can say that communication also inspires me. I also often go to museums, which is also a great source of inspiration for me. One of my biggest impressions of the museum was Matisse. I would say he influenced me a lot in terms of working with color.”

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