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Opal Rose White


Poster print (Limited Edition of 3)



Series of 1

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Her eyes closed, and I felt she was present, but no longer with me.

I observed for a moment. Braids like waves, peacefully paused over her face.
She drifted further. A smile tugging on her lips.

When she exhaled, I asked
“Where did you go?”

“I was hungry” she replied, eyes still closed.

“I went to the sapphire skies that surround my mothers house.
I went to shores with saffron coloured sands. I went to where my aunts chittered and children played.
Where Kedjenou was poured in to my bowl.”

She looked to me, brown eyes filled with a softness that made me warm. Seeing me through wistful thought; she shared with me home.

I saw her now. Nostalgia leaving her with yearning and bright-eyes. She was hungry; yet unbenounced to me, I was fed.

By: Opal Rose White